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  • Are you tired of wondering where your next client is going to come from?
  • Are you tired of trying to compete with internet prices?
  • Are you confident that every day, without fail, you will take the steps to close the gap between where you are and where you want your business to be?

Guess what? You don’t have to struggle anymore!

I’m Kim Miller-Hershon and I’m a Business Development Coach, specializing in helping Interior Designers have the business of their dreams and the life that they want. I am passionate about helping people understand their own strengths and passions and use those to develop their business. In my coaching practice, 100% of my clients have grown their businesses.


Here is what my client, Heather, had to say about my coaching:

Kim has been my coach for the past year.  We began by getting a picture of what my ideal lifestyle would look like.  How nice to get some clarity around that!  We then looked at why I do what I do for a living, and we talked about marketing strategies.  She has really helped me to stay on target with my goals and has taught me a lot about time management.  Her suggestions around marketing methods have generated a great deal of business for me.  It is wonderful to be working with someone who is so passionate, enthusiastic and encouraging!  I have always felt like she had my back.  I highly recommend working with Kim – Heather E.

Having a System Will Make You 6-Figures a Year

You need a system, period, to grow your business. Just like you need a project system to get a design project done, and an accounting and invoicing system to get paid, you need a business development plan and system to grow your business. When you work with me, you learn a “rinse, wash, repeat” system for attracting your ideal clients and selling your services. This system takes the mystery out of selling, and helps you close at least 75% of your prospective clients.

How do you do it? You qualify your prospective clients, and it’s a teachable skill. I want to teach you how to do it. I close 80 – 90% of my prospects because I don’t have “chats” about selling. I qualify and if we sit down, we have a sales conversation. It’s not difficult to close a client when they walk into a meeting with you and say,” I think this is going to work, I just need the details.” And yes, I have had that happen to me on more than one occasion (and you can, too!).


Let’s talk to Morgan and see how the system works for her:

Kim Miller Hershon has been a vital source in guiding our company through the mind-field of marketing. Despite the economic shift in our industry, Kim’s expertise and honest feedback has lifted our optimism. Her tools and guidance truly give us the power to achieve our goals. This has been the most valuable overhaul in our 20 years of business! – Morgan M.




Who Else Needs an Extra Hour Every Day?

When we work together, not only will you get my Business Development system, you will also get my Time Management system. Here’s the thing – this is not your run of the mill system. I help you understand your own relationship to time, and help you develop a customized system that really works FOR you and for YOU.




What Makes Working with Me as a Coach Different?

I have spent a lot of time developing systems that can be personalized. We all learn differently and have different strengths and passions. My job is to guide you through a process where you can leverage your strengths. There are lots of ways to develop business. I want to help you find the ways that will be most effective for YOU. And I love to have fun, so we will be sharing lots of laughs, as well.


Here’s what another client, Bobbie  has to say:

I engaged Kim to help me improve my selling skills and close more clients.  With Kim, I have worked on my own perspective toward selling and what was holding me back from being my best, focused strategically on what markets to go after, and refined my sales process.  Kim is intuitive, and has given me the personal guidance I needed to move forward.

I now love to sell, and am on the road to hitting my sales numbers!  – Bobbie N.



I am so committed to coaching you and having you get results that I am offering you an exclusive charter membership into the Insider’s Club which includes ALL of the following:

  • A theme a month, which helps you master one business development topic at a time without feeling overwhelmed.


  • Here is just some of what we will cover: Sales Mindset, Mission & Vision of Your Business, Defining Your Niche & Your Ideal Client, Networking Mastery, Building Rapport, How to Qualify Your Prospective Clients (maybe one of the most important things we will do together!), Time Management Overview, Using Social Media Overview, Facebook Marketing, Internet Advertising, Blogging, “Offline” Marketing Strategies. And there’s more!


  •  Live coaching call a month, where you will get content and work on your business in small groups through breakout sessions DURING THE CALL. This is no ordinary webinar – this is an interactive, working session.
  •   Weekly video email with a “tip” .
  •   Members-only forum to post your progress, ask questions and collaborate with other designers.
  •   Email support from me. You can email me any questions or requests for additional support and I will respond within 48 hours.
  •   Fun, because it’s not worth doing if it’s not fun period!




You are not going to believe this; I am so committed to helping you get results at an affordable price, I am offering this membership – yes all of this for $29.95 a month. Now you might be wondering, “Is it any good because it’s so inexpensive?” Here’s why I’m doing it: I have spoken to many designers who desperately want and NEED coaching, and their businesses are not robust enough to afford it. Instead of deciding that this isn’t a good market for me, I found a way to offer outstanding coaching at a ridiculously affordable rate where it’s a win-win.



Kim, is that the best you can do?

Guys, you’re killing me! OK, you want one better – here it is. You sign up for 6 months, and you can have the 7th month free.

                  Keep the price affordable!

If you want the rate to stay low, tell your designer friends to join as well, send them this link and have them join the fun. This is good stuff, in fact, this is great stuff. I have a track record of success helping my clients grow their businesses. I have just one last question for you – what are you waiting for????




I am so certain that you will get tremendous value out of this program, that I am offering you a full money back guarantee. If you join and don’t get value out of your first month of coaching, I will refund EVERY penny you spent for that month. The money back guarantee is for the first month only. You can always cancel at any time after that and we won’t charge your credit card for the next month (but you won’t want to!)


Do Not Take Advantage of this Offer Unless You are Ready for CHANGE

This charter membership into the Insider’s Club, exclusively for Interior Designers, will accelerate your business and personal growth and get you on the way to leading the life you want. So only take advantage of this offer if you are committed to growing your business and yourself.

Or, sign up for 6 months using the button below and get the 7th month free ($180 total for 7 months)

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