About Kim

Kim Miller-Hershon is a Business Development Coach.   As a Business Development Specialist, she was an expert at coaching engineers to develop business, but it didn’t make her heart sing.  She became passionate about helping women entrepreneurs create 6 Figure Businesses, full of their ideal clients.  In less than a year, she created a full coaching practice doing what she loves.  Kim is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, and her 5 Step Unique Branded Sales System will help you increase sales, attract more of your ideal clients, and ultimately, create the business and life you really love.

Kim has her undergraduate degree in Speech Communications and Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara, and two Master of Arts degrees:  a Master of Public Administration from University of Southern California and a Master of Arts in Communal Service from Hebrew Union College.

Her education, business and life experiences combine to make her a compassionate business coach, who gets results through goals setting, planning, accountability and encouragement.

What sets Kim apart is her ability to break the process down into executable pieces, tailored to the client’s strengths, and her focus on experiential learning.

Her belief is that every person already has the ability to be a successful business developer.  Her job is to establish trust and show professionals how they can use what they already have, and grow from there.

Kim hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she lives with her husband, three kids and Buddy the dog.  She loves to knit complicated things, cook gourmet food from scratch, and exercise.  Ok, loving exercise might be stretching it, but she does it regularly nonetheless.

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Danville, CA, 925.331.0656 kim@designinsideinc.com